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Ready for camping? NIKEN LED auxiliary lights and LED light bars are your lighting solution.

2022 - 06 - 24

Ready for camping? NIKEN LED auxiliary lights and LED light bars are your lighting solution.

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Camping season is coming. Do you always feel light is not enough while driving? Do you always feel not safe while night out to camping? Do you need an extra light while setting up a tent?


After boring and busy weekday, everyone needs a peaceful place to free your mind and body. What you need just follow the voice of your deep inside driving your car or caravan or campervan to somewhere to relaxing. Close your eyes and image a warm sunny day with gentle breeze, you are laying on the beach or you are enjoying the beautiful forest/mountains with your friends and family. The camp fire is burning with good smell and the stars are twinkling in the sky. At the moment you are seeing your deep inside with silent. Everything is so beautiful and comfortable in your imagination, right? But, is it really that simple?


To escape the noisy city, you would love an uncharted field who people never go. It could be a high mountain or dark forest or a wildness where is far away from city and everything is different from your normal life. Then it means you will face many unexpected and you should prepare more device to support your on-road or off-road travelling.

During the transportation, there are many dark roads without street lights more than 5 hours. The energy is a problem and you should save it. You may face very bad weather, such as foggy or rainstorm/sandstorm. You may worry about the blind bend when you are turning around the mountain. You may need a light to light up the camping area. You may worry about the big animals to hit your car. You may in emergency to wait for rescue.


NIKEN is a professional lighting company for 40 years. We understand how the light work and countermeasures to solve your worry and pains. Here we would love to share some kinds of lighting pattern and how the auxiliary lights work as below,

The auxiliary LED lights are designed to assist original lights by different purpose and needs when you are driving. You cannot tell which one is the best, but it depends on what kind of situation you faced. There are 5 kinds of beam pattern for your choice.

1. Driving beam:  You may complain the original high beam is not strong enough for a dark road in the country. The additional driving beam help you see longer and wider for country road. It is suitable for most of situation.

2. Flood beam: Additional wider pattern to spread lighting around your vehicle, especially for the forest trail. You rather need a light that clears the nearby road so you could see any hazard coming ahead, such as big wildlife to hit you unpredictable.

3. Spot beam: It is a high-intensity driving lights for extreme long distance. Most drivers use two spotlights on their cars to shine as far as possible. Especially for a long and narrow road to expand the vision longer, such as you would like to cross the USA from west to East by highway.

4. Combo beam: It is most considered to be an optimal light pattern and output for night blindness or dark conditions. It combines the advantage of Spot beam and Flood beam. Not only longer, but wider than Driving beam. It is the best choice by my personal recommend. It is perfect for endless and vast wilderness.

5. Fog beam: A wide and thin beam pattern with a clear cut-line. The lights expand your wide vision to avoid accident from corner. And the cutting line will limit the light pattern to be lower to avoid affecting vehicles in front of you. It is for bad weather conditions only: Foggy/ Snow/ storm...etc. To turn-on the fog lights is prohibited in normal condition. 


NIKEN are ready to provide the auxiliary lights and light bars and fog lights for car. It’s not only for on road camping, but also for off road adventure, such as 4X4 or 4WD racing. No matter what camping you do- glamping, camping, motorhome, offroad caravans or pickup truck camping, you need a LED light to bright your way with best combo pattern and best driving vision. No matter what weather it is- raining, foggy and cloudy or night time, NIKEN light is the one you need.


Beyond the LED light functions, there are four advantages of NIKEN’s lighting for your reference.

1. Elegant design with unique outlook. A perfectly fitting with your love vehicle to lead the fashion and eye catch. Most important of all, no one could be the same design as yours. It is a kind of half-custom design compare to others.

2. Very low consumption to save your car’s energy. The LED lights save 87% wattage comparing to traditional halogen bulb. It is not just environment friendly, but you can reduce carbon emissions and lower down the loading of battery.

3. Reliable quality and amazing fine appearance with great weather resistance. The LED lights always keep the same quality and appearance as new. You won’t see a fade color on the body or yellow lens on your lights.

4. Compact design to fit on your car easier. It almost can fit on anywhere of the vehicle due to compact design. Apart from this, the compact design also reduces the wind resistance and increase the effect of heatsink.


Basing on these points, that’s why you need an auxiliary light for off road experience. NIKEN light is your best option.


LED auxiliary light- X driving light, driving and unique position functions. The surface reflector technology provides a brighter and sufficient lighting. The elegant X mark is the catch eyes design to be seen obviously. Use reliable LED with 5000K* LED color for comfortable & safe driving vision. No matter to show off or to be a present to your friends, everyone would love to have a set of X lights on their vehicle. In the past, if we forgot to turn off the lights a while, the battery will round out soon and you will be stuck somewhere. Now LED design for lower power consumption to save the energy and keep longer lifetime. You should upgrade your lighting system to new technology. X light guide design with E-mark approval to be distinguished and street legal. You will not worry about the police rummage anymore. The lights are EMC approved, reducing radio frequency interference and IP69K* Rated to protect against moisture and contaminant ingress. No longer to have water leakage when you enjoy driving in the raining day or the underwater activities exploration. To fit on your bull-bars or roof crank, we provide some sizes for your choice and you can change the lighting color with your needs by protection covers.


*Most popular LED color is during 5000K-6000K; However, 6000K is too white for driving which makes driver eyes tired but also performance is

not good while in foggy, raining…etc. bad weather conditions. The penetration is too bad and sometimes blind driver’s eyes.


- IP: Ingress Protection Rate

- 6: Dust-tight. No ingress of dust.

- 9K: Protected against close-range high pressure, high-temperature spray downs.


The best seller -LED Driving light is NIKEN 7 inch LED driving lights. The size is perfectly fit on the bumper/roof rack of most of medium vehicles, such as Land rover Defender or Ford Ranger or NISSAN Navara or Mazda BT50.


The NIKEN auxiliary light is Taiwan made and has a 3 years warranty. It is also available in 12 or 24 volts. Size available for 5” 7” & 9” with cover selection- amber, black & clear. The light cover would protect your auxiliary lights and change the color of lights. It is convenient to snap on or remove by yourself, especially some U.S. states require drivers to install black covers on the driving lights.


 LED lightbar- 1.5” light bar - E-approved driving functions with combo pattern.  38.5mm height lightbar for flexible installation for pickup and offroad market. The slim light bars provide a perfect height to fit in the bumper or roof crank. The light comes with 2 ways of stainless bracket for your different needs. At the same time, also another optional back side bracket for special needs. The adjusted angle is near 180-degree. As you can see on the movie that more and more people choose the cool light bar to show off their vehicles. The LED bar light provide spot beam for longer vision, but also a flood beam to give driver a comfortable driving experience. Besides, the sloped shape avoids any snow or sands to have a clear view to see more and safe. As you may have an experience that your light bar was covered by snow during the snowing, the light dimed to very low brightness which compares to normal situation. You can also easy to image that the highly efficient aerodynamics to reduce the heat and air resistance. It means we can save more energy and reduce the wind noise. The slimline aluminum housing and seamless surface lens design also perfect to fit into your car. The lightbars are EMC approved, reducing radio frequency interference and IP69K Rated to protect against moisture and contaminant ingress. Size available for 9”, 16”, 23” & 44” with cover selection- amber, black & clear. The light cover would protect your LED lights bar and change the color of lights. It is convenient to snap on or remove by yourself, especially some U.S. states require drivers to install black covers on the driving lights.


The NIKEN LED light bars is Taiwan made and has a 3 years warranty. We provide the lighting solution for your journey in various terrains and conditions. No matter what the LED vehicle light bars you have, it is easy to fit on truck, pickup, motorcycle or ATV/UTV. It is definitely available in 12 or 24 volts.


Now days the hottest car is Suzuki Jimmy with nice look and entertainments. If you would like to have a 4x4 led lights fitting on it, we would suggest the 44” light bars -very low-profile design but also powerful output on the roof rack. It perfectly combines the roof rack and the body as one.



LED Fog Light- it is quite useful light for foggy and raining day. The fog lights can penetrate the foggy and cloudy easily. The beautiful cutting line expand your wider vision to see the blind angle when you are turn around the mountains. We believe you have some experience that driving in a dense fog. How fear that you cannot see the road in front of less than 5 meters. What you can do just slow down the speed and focus all of your mind to avoid any accident. The feeling is sucks and thanks God you have a fog lamp when you were in the condition. The NIKEN fog lights are all Emark approval with EMC compliant for legal on road driving. The fog lights using unbreakable hard coating PC to protect the lights from small gravel. Comparing to the halogen fog light, it saves 87% consumption. Besides, we provide both golden yellow and cool white color for your driving experience. If you ever seen the golden yellow fog lights, you will understand how amazing the vision.


The NIKEN LED fog light is Taiwan made and has a 3 years warranty. It is also available in 12 or 24 volts. For maximum effect, we suggest you to fit the LED fog lamps in the lower bumper of car or the sides of the front fork of motorcycle to wipe up any fog in front of you.


No one want to be interrupted by any accidents during their lovely travelling. The key points to have a wonderful comping is to make sure set down all of the preparation in advance. It needs a great travel plan and to do list before the journey, such as food/fuel/water/vehicle/ daily necessities. But, do not forget to have a nice and trustable lighting on your way.


Are you looking for some LED lights street legal and distinguished or special? Are you looking for a good quality light? Are you ready for camping? Don’t forget to install NIKEN LED to light your camping experience.

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