Chrome Plating Series

Car Air Vents FOR VW GOLF 3-L 【10490060 S】

Product ID: 10490060

We, Niken Automotive Accessories Co., Ltd. are specializing in car accessories and tuning parts. Our product included car air vents, car DVR, USB car adapter, digital car inclinometer, digital car compass, gear knobs and pedal pads.

NIKEN is one of the most experienced and trusted OEM & ODM of car accessories manufacturer in Taiwan for over 30 years. Our achievement of ISO9001, E-mark, CE, ROHS and FCC certificate showing all our products are quality guaranteed. Come to grab some nice and cool stuff to dress up your car or else without NIKEN, you don't get parts.

VW GOLF 3 left hand drive Air vents, the accessories and parts for automobile, it belongs to interior parts and one of the A/C related components.
■ High quality chrome plating.

■ Metal feeling to setting your car in elegant style.

■ DIY installation.