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Product ID: 10020356

    NIKEN-LED LICENSE PLATE LAMP can apply to specific cars, such as AU*I/ B*W/V*/TOY*TA/ PEUG*OT/CITRO*N/OP*L, etc. To replace original halogen lamp, NKL001 perfectly fits your lovely vehicles with E-mark approval and it will be the special one with this LED License plate lamp. 

    Because of LED lighting source, its color is not only the cool white (6000K) but also can save 87% of electricity consumption. Therefore, it will significantly reduce the electricity consumption of cars and extend the lifespan of battery; the LED light can be used up to one hundred thousand hours.


    We, NIKEN Vehicle Lighting CO., LTD are specializing in LED lamps, car accessories and tuning parts. Our product included LED lamps- LED light bar, LED driving lamps, LED work lamp, daytime running lamp, LED fog lamps, LED license plate lamps, and USB car adapter. NIKEN is one of the most experienced and trusted OEM&ODM of car LED lamps manufacturer in Taiwan for over 40 years. Our achievement of ISO9001, E-mark, CE, ROHS and FCC certificate showing all our products are quality guaranteed. 

■ E4 00 4300

■ FOR OE# 632 671 656 46, 632 671 932 93

■ DC 12v

■ White light