Our history

Our History

The first stage ( before 2000 ) ~

We focused on the 3rd Brake LED Lights and LED reading lamps that were also passed e-mark approvals.

Besides, we also designed and manufactured a series of Pedal Pads and Gearshift Knobs that led the fashion and created a great sell in the Western Europe and the Northern America, and hereafter we built our NIKEN brand awareness.

The following stage ( after 2001 till now) ~

We promoted our NIKEN brand worldwide. Furthermore, we continuously developed a series of LED Lamps,
USB Car Adapter, digital applications and specific car chrome style accessories to meet consumer’s

Besides, we also cooperated with many worldwide famous companies in OEM/ODM products.



The Future stage & expect ~

To avoid the copy and low-price competition of general car accessories from Mainland China, we will devote
our core business to developing LED Lamps and its applications continuously.

Except developing our NIKEN product series, we will constantly make efforts to serve many of our existing
and new customers well and to create maximum value for them.

In order to supply the best product and quality service, except our current head office and factory, we will
increase more professional machinery equipments and will plan to build a new factory.

It is always the best power for us from our valued customers’ trust and support.
Expecting the future, facing the challenge, we will continuously create and own the market advantageous
position, and expect to be the best partner of our customers forever.